Some house wives in Lusaka’s Chawama Township have appealed to government to come up with a stiff law to deal with husband snatchers.

The women complained that one of the major challenges they faced in their homes that have brought about Gender Based Violence (GBV) was that some men had girlfriends who they supported financially and failed to provide for their own families.

Speaking at an Indaba organized by Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) aimed at finding solutions to GBV in the community under a program called “Good Husband Campaign” the women complained that most of their husbands failed to provide for them.

One of the women, Beauty Mwape complained that one of the reasons there was violence in the homes was because husbands did not take their salaries home but spent it on other women.

Ms Mwape who spoke on behalf of other women said they had suffered for a long time at the hands of husband snatchers resulting in the rise of GBV cases.

“Government must look into this matter, we house wives are really suffering from our husbands girlfriends. They make sure they get our husbands and all the salaries, the moment the man gets paid he disappears and only comes back home when he has run out of money,we struggle with what to feed our children and that is why we have alot of street kids because the men are failing to take care of their children.”

“Wives are dying of depression, we really need a stiff law in place unlike us fight with our husbands and their girlfriends” she said.

And other wife Judith Mwansa said husband snatchers should be jailed for destroying homes.

Ms Mwansa said beating girlfriend was a crime and in some cases, the husband shifted to the beatenwoman’s home.

“What hurts us is that the men do not even sleep in our homes, that is why husbands snatchers have no respect for us because they say if we beat them, they will go and report us to the Police and we will be in trouble” she said.



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