By George Lemba
Recently arrested cameraman by the outgoing PF administration Chellah Tukuta has said that no political party should use his slogan called DON’T KULABA (DON’T FORGET THE PROBLEMS PF HAS CAUSED YOU).

Chellah says political parties must come up with their own slogans.

He adds that political party will be allowed to abuse his slogan.

The DON’T KULABA slogan is mainly attributed to being opposition to the PF failures but the cameraman says only him should use it.

“No Political Party should abuse our Donchi Kulaba slogan. Make your own. THE DONCHI KULABA SLOGAN FOR US THE DISGRUNTLED YOUTHS AND CITIZENS OF ZAMBIA,” Chellah wrote.

And Chellah has said that political leaders who don’t pick phone calls but want to be Presidents of Zambia must not be supported.


Which of these leaders can you say you have their phone numbers and can call them and they will pick up your call? Leaders should not be too busy for the people they aspire to lead. Transparency begins with us having your direct phone numbers. Yes you are busy but find time for us the ordinary people


Many of his followers are now confused with his sentiments and wonders if he and others are forming a political party or are sheep in wolves skin owned by the party in office.



  1. Even me I am confused.Is Chella, real himself? I am questioning him now. His consious is not clear. Let the Youth, think twice, forming a party, is not easy.

  2. Even don’t kulaba doesn’t sound original bcos it has connotations of don’t kubeeba. The 2 are too close to be distinguished.With the strength Tukuta is refusing others from using his slogan, I can see mistaken fights between users of the 2 slogans bcos side A which uses slogan A can easily acuse side B which uses slogan B of using slogan A when in fact not. There are so many words in human languages on earth and there is no need to cling to words that others are already using in their slogans. So b4 you Tukuta can start to jealously protect your slogan, find your own original slogan bcos for sure don’t kulaba cannever be original from you, UNLESS IF you are the one who originated the slogan don’t kubeeba. If not, then you can’t claim originality with your don’t kulaba. In general, you Zambian artist disappoint me so much. With all the language variety in Zambia but why do you always want to limit yourselves to BEMBA! Hey! What kind of artists are you when you can’t take advantage of the available plenty in multi lingual Zambia? And you can even express insecurity over your slogan in BEMBA which does not even perfectly point at you as the originator! If you are artistic enough, your don’t kulaba slogan…, you could easily have come up with “Mutalubi!!!” As simple as that. This 1 word Tonga slogan has it all that you mean in your don’t kulaba slogan. Imagine if you came up with this word for your slogan which is in a different language from your usual but so too common BEMBA! That would capture so much of you as the imaginative originator, especially that you are not Tonga. The don’t kulaba slogan just makes one think of you as trying to squeeze in a small space left by others who came earlier and you want to also claim you have space in there when not, just because your fulculties can’t let you go out elsewhere to find space of your own.!

    • Hicamba word bro! dont kubeba and dont kulaba are so close and sounds as though its one thinker behind the 2. But I think as an artist you choose a language that a massive number of people will relate to which in this case is bemba spoken by more than half the population of this country and the second most spoken local language is Nyanja… true these artist must be way much creative

  3. Don’t think you are an icon. If there is any political party that is using your slogan then it is a one man party. I can send you 4 million slogans that our youths have come up with and they don’t even brag about them. You just want attention but let me assure you, you will melt like ice cream in the Sahara desert. Moreover politics is not about slogans. Be there on the ground in Shangombo period not on social media

  4. cipuba ici Cena… so u want opposition leaders to pic up your calls? who do you think you are?
    nangu mufyaya ukulyamo?…. moreover “DONCHI KULABA” is not even awesome


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