Chibamba Kanyama

By Chibamba Kanyama

Those women who marry us before we have a stove, a mattress, a car are usually the ones who will stand with us when the sun stops shining. A discerning man should always have capacity to distinguish gold diggers from women of valour, the latter are as hard to find as gold.

I feel extremely sad to read that former Arsenal midfielder and Ivorian international Emmanuel Eboua, who once earned millions of pounds, is now nearly homeless, bedless and has no car. His Caucasian wife from whom he had three children has wiped him clean after the court ruled in her favour following bitter divorce.

In the past 27 years, my wife and iI anchored our marriage on true love, trust, respect, readiness to forgive and friendship. I disappointed her on occasions but even in the heat of temptation, we never allowed material things to be the bedrock of our marriage. Money can be in your account in billions today but evaporate tomorrow.

I wish Eboua ‘recovery’ of his life through his new job. Learning from mistakes shapes us.



  1. Chibamba, be very careful mate! Nature works in such a way that it can make you swallow your own bitter words and proud thoughts.
    As you know, Europe has different cultures and society values and rule of law. It is unfortunate and deluded wishful thinking that you believe your wife is better than Ebue’s ex wife – she simply is NOT. You should only thank God you are living in a poor and lawless country, Zambia otherwise your wife would have screwed your entire life up for your “occasional disappointments” to her. The only reason she didn’t is because she would be worse off getting rid of you than staying with you because the law in Zambia is weak or non-existent. The moment she finds a better lasting alternative she could still find a good reason to dump you, after all, legally, she can still use those disappointments as “unreasonable” behaviour at any time.

    Look here chap, Edgar Lungu’s ex-wife dumped him; married an American and relocated to the US with Lungu’s daughter Tasila who even changed her surname to that of her step daughter. The moment Lungu became president Tasila came back for a re-union with her dad and her name changed to Lungu again – does that give you true thoughts about the way women see things? A woman in America remembered the drunkard ex husband turned president and baby girl father who she never wanted to know for many years!!
    Chibamba, as a man, and a Tonga man for that matter, you need to see things beyond the face value and understand under currencies of our women’s behaviour and forget about those figments of your imaginations of true love, respect, etc – everyone experiences them and they are NOT preserves of only you and your wife

  2. I agree with Chibamba 100%. Let me take opportunity to say something else. I here some people want to make divorce more difficult in Zambia. I THINK that will be a disaster. Today’s world needs marriage to be made more difficult and divorce very easy. If divorce was made very easy SOME of the GBV (Gender Based Violence) cases would have automatically been avoided. Couples must be together because they are happy being together period. Using ancient people’s fables to legislate morality in 2017 is insanity.

  3. Chibamba maybe correct in one way or the other. Surely a woman who abandons his husband after “milking” him of all his hard-earned wealth is nothing less than a gold digger. The Ivorian player didn’t marry a wife but just some strange thing called a woman whos was interested only in his money.


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