Chief Hamaundu of the Tonga speaking people of Pemba District in Southern Province has withdrawn his statement in which he condemned opposition UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema for allegedly threatening to dethrone paramount Chief Chititmukulu of the Bemba speaking people of Northern Province if the UPND forms government.

Chief Hamaundu says it has come to his attention that Mr. Hichilema did not utter any word threatening to dethrone the paramount chief as alleged by some sections of the media.



  1. Your loyal highness when HH was in prison at Mukobeko no Bemba chief condemned the action but you without reading the lines you rush to condemn your own blood WHY?

  2. Three things Chief Hamaundu should do , if this article is true :
    1. he should go public through the media for all to see and withdraw his statement as he did when making that statement.
    2. apologize to HH for tarnishing his name
    3. verify issues before making public pronouncements.
    Our roral highnesses should not allow themselves to be manipulated and deceived by politicians, especially from the PF. This is free advice from a humble subject.

  3. Hamaundu you are using Politics of the Berry, pf is using you to fight Hichilema and All Tongas. Nduwe Chinhunye, ulilya kumatako, ulya bana bako. 2018/2019 Wakali mwaka was nzala, kuchuundu tiyakawa nhula, kwanyina mapopwe. Lungu a pf yakwe bakakaka kubapa chakulya Bantu Baku Chuundu. Ndiza ebo olikke bakali kupede. Can’t you see how Tribalistic the pf are, separeying Tongas from other Tribes, wake up Chief

  4. Chiefdoms have destroyed Zambia!
    Any f00l can ascend to a throne by virtue of the bl00dline! Who can tell whether your offsprings will be wise or not?
    Let’s abolish these primitive institutions that are keeping us in our primitive tribal past! Tanzania did it. We can also do it!

  5. Mwami unyina mano .Mwami ulaba buzya Bantu hena makani ngachobeni .Ntabambi nchotazhi ncibi .Kamulisenda kulibami bongaye bakabolede nibajata HH Andunye timwakaboneka
    Babemba kunyina olo omwe wakali kwamba .Kwakali Chief Mukuni wakaboneka kuba amano kwiminina mwanakwe mutonga .Bamami banji bakali kuyowa kamulisenda mwami nabamupa Mali kamulya buyo kwakubula kwamba


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