CHIEF Kanyesha of Luano has given Catherine 250 hectres of land and two cows for putting up a good fight against Zarika.

Chief Kanyesha said although Catherine lost, he was impressed with her performance hence honouring her with 250 hectres and two cows.

“I was impressed, the way she fought, to my thinking she won the fight but she was robbed. Catherine was leading by points but she was robbed,” Chief Kanyesha said.

Chief Kanyesha said Catherine should continue with the same fighting spirit adding that one day she will win the Women’s super-bantamweight championship.

The traditional leader said Catherine should contact Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga to get the land and two animals.

After ten exhilarating rounds in a tightly contested fight, Zarika managed to win after scoring 98-92, 99 -91 and 97-93 against Catherine.



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