Kennedy Kamba


… As he says chief Mukuni has reduced himself to a mere UPND cadre.

Lusaka… Monday, April 19, 2021

(Smart Eagles)

Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province Chairperson Kennedy Kamba says chief Mukuni has reduced himself to a political cadre but he will not be allowed to incite violence or to propagate tribalism and divisions in the run up to the August general elections.

He says it is very disappointing that a traditional leader who has been tolerated and respected could issue serious unfounded and unwarranted allegations that the PF government wants to poison the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Kamba who is also a member of the Central Committee says he traditional leader further alleged, in a statement and a sound recording that the PF has been issuing statements claiming that Mr Hichilema is sick.

“This is very disappointing and unfortunate that chief Munkuni could stoop so low and put up such weired allegations and further incite violence through hate speech,” he says.

“The PF has never ever issued a statement about or against the reported illness of Hakainde Hichilem and that’s not even our business.

As a ruling we have no time or any agenda agaist Hakainde Hichilema because we have more important things to deal with that affect peopl’s livelihood,”.

Mr Kamba says the PF under the able leadership of His Excellency President Dr Edgar Lungu has a serious agenda of delivering development to Zambians and has no time for petty politics.

“We have been following keenly the political activities of chief Mukuni of Southern Province with utmost discontent. Chief Mukuni does not mean well for the PF and this he knows deep down his heart. Our plea has always been that chief Mukuni must appeal to his conscience and begin to carry out his duties with due diligence and integrity befitting a Senior Chief.

Leadership requires that we face reality and speak the truth. We should not pretend and do things for news cameras and political rhetoric,” Mr Kamba says.

He says it is sheer hallucinations and futile attempts to paint the PF black by chief Mukuni who is making weird claims that the ruling party has plans to harm Mr Hichilema.

He says this claim is ridiculous.

Mr Kamba says”In our traditional set up, we are all supposed to be chief Munkuni’s children regardless of political affiliation, but look at these hateful claims and attacks that come from chief Mukuni.

Mr Kamba says the traditional leader speaks bitterly on issues without due regard for President Lungu and the integrity he posesses.

The MCC says chief Mukuni has embraced Mr Hichilema of the UPND and do not want anything to do with the PF.

” His language has been of hate and we have asked him on several occasions to apologise to President Lungu over these weird claims he has been making,”he says.


  1. Stupid Kamba there is nothing like inciting violence you and your party are the Perpertrators of violence and hate speeches against tribalism . Chief chitimukulu is a PF cadre where did u arrest his wife. Chief mukuni is only letting Kampyongo and u know that the wife should be released within 24-48hours what every loving husband does. And why should Kampyongo arrest the wife and not the chief who they wanted . I think Kampyongo’s wife should be arrested as well and see how he is going to respond . Kamba whatever u address yourself as please we are fed up with you lot . Donot force food down my throat

  2. Kaaimbwa should enjoy his last days while the moon, not the sun, shines its dim light on your reducing world. Chief Mukuni is inciting violence…, is it bcos Chief Mukuni has no Police, Army or ZAF at his disposal to use to stop your NOSENSE? Is the presence of the military, the police and other securiity wings for you in govt to use to talk and act NOSENCE against the people? I think you guys in govt just do not really understand what awaits you once out of power very soon. If you know you are weaker than Hitler and his Nazis were, if you know you are weaker than Schausescu of Romania, Sadam of Iraq, Gadaffi of Sudan….unless you know you are stronger than even who Shaka the Zulu King killed by his own people was, the best you can do in these your last days is to sober up. It is very foolish of people like Kamba in PF to act like a chief’s son who knows for sure his fathers dynasty will last forever. But Zambia is not a dynasty. And soon and very soon the Kaimbwas will have to give way to the revolving wheels of democracy. It is foolish and stupid for kaimbwa to think change of govt is not coming in August. You better spend your last days of freedom making amends foolish sir, not consolidating the peoples anger against you. When time comes there will be no sorry. You will have to pay with your decapited heads! Take us jokers at your own peril.

  3. Mr Kamba. Chief Mukuni talks for the people who are suffering under the PF regime. He talks against injustices that are the order of the day. In short Chief Mukuni wants his people to enjoy their human rights enshrined in the constitution. This is never provided for if it involves opposition members as if they are not Zambians.By saying his people i mean every Zambian who comes from a chiefdom is a subject of Chief Mukuni. Other chiefs should be saying what Mukuni speaks against.Which chief can be comfortable when his subjects can not afford a bag of mealie meal, can not afford to send a child to school, can not access medical facilities from the so called developmental projects of hospitals etc. Is Kamba happy that Zambia has been brought to a level of poverty of Chad and the Central African Republic. There is no development that does not add to the wealth of a country. Since their infrastructure development, how has the statistical office shown how rich Zambia has become as a result the so called massive development?


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