Chief Mukuni and United Party for National Development suspended Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba are locked up in a meeting discussing various issues sorrounding what has transpired in the UPND.

Zambian Watch is reliably informed that Chief Mukuni, three clergy men and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba have been locked up in a meeting at a named lodge in lusaka.

The meeting that started at midnight on friday is still underway.

Zambian Watch is briefed that the three Clergy and Chief Mukuni will nogotiate to the United Party for National Development Leaders to keep Mr. Mwamba as Vice President.

Chief Mukuni and three clergys also want to know how GBM accepted the $50,000 cash from the PF to disturbilise the UPND.

“Chief Mukuni is in Lusaka with three clergy men. They are having a meeting with suspended UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. Among other issues they are discussing is why GBM decided to get the $50,000 from the PF to cause confusion in UPND.” a source said.

“But GBM is negotiating to have chief Mukuni and the three clergy talk to UPND Leadership to maintain him as Vice President. We dont know the time the meeting will end. It started yesterday and they are still in that meeting. We are just hoping for the best” a source said.

Mr. Mwamba is reported to have recieved $50,000 to disturbalise the UPND and challenge UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema and his leadership.

On a radio mano program, GBM phoned the station to denounce the UPND and mocked its leadership that it has been losing elections for 20 years because of disorganisation of the Party and its leadership.


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