Chilangwa visits disgraced Mabumba

LUAPULA Province Minister Nixon Chilangwa announced that he has visited David Mabumba, a day after being removed from position as Minister of General Education following a shameful episode.

President Lungu fired Mabumba yesterday after a pornographic video of him went viral and created non stop gossip on social media.

As the gossip hightened, Spring TV aired a rumour that Mabumba had been ended his own life.

But Chilangwa took to Facebook this afternoon announcing that; “Former Luapula MPs today visited Hon David Mabumba at his home and he is doing fine! None of the hospital, suicide allegations ever happened!!”

Chilangwa the visiting team included, Gen Kapaya, Raymond Mpundu, Dr Mutaba Mwali and Mighty Mumba.

“I have equally spoken to him today to just encourage him and that in all things we should thank and praise God
This what we should be doing for each other,” wrote Chilangwa.



  1. He really looks broken indeed … and I don’t know why that lady is looking at him admiringly …
    He needs a series of counseling sessions.
    Let him just understand that we all do it under the influence of hormones, except we do it while hiding from cameras and public eyes. Sadly, getting involved with a married woman was going too far! Respect other people’s institutions of marriage!

  2. Chilangwa is a mature leader but he should never again escort Chitalu Chilufya to court because Chitalu`s crimes are against the people of Zambia. Mabumba`s misfortunes are personal.Mabumba is however a better and hard working man than most loud and foul mouthed PF ministers but socially very naive man. He deserves sympathy and support.


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