By Chilufya Tayali

Like I said yesterday, I am not so keen to talk about politics these days, but I also don’t want to keep you bored, so I will give you articles of personal nature about myself, hoping you will learn something out of them.

In spite of being visited by the bailiffs, I have not given up on my hunt for your future First Lady, because one of the wisemen, Mohamed Patel (Ambro Investments), who used to be my client, back in the day when I was called, Chilutaya Computer Solutions), told me that, the best time to find a wife, is when you have nothing.

Recently, when I was invited for a program somewhere, I spotted this young lady, she was as beautiful as a flower, shinning in the dark part of my life, which is why I saved her number as Sunshine. I am not shy to ask for phone numbers if I am interested.

Since then, we have been chatting but I was only going to have a chance to meet her today, unfortunately, I messed it up with my forthrightness.

You see, at my age, I have no time to play hide and seek, of “Just Friends” when I know what I want. Actually I tell my children that, there is nothing like “Friends” between two people of the opposite sex, when either both or one of them is emotionally charged. It does not work, especially with men.

Mostly men will only waste time and things on a woman if they are emotionally interested otherwise, fyabufi (it is a lie), that, they just want to be friends. And if you are a smart lady, please avoid those guys with their various gifts, otherwise you are leading them or you are a crook who just want to eat their money.

Anyway, I will let you read the chat I had with Sunshine (not real name) and make your own conclusions, but I don’t expect any lectures from you on how I should get the First lady, unless you are offering yourself (I mean ladies, please, not men like Chanoda Frackson Ngwira), but you have to be as beautiful and intelligent as Sunshine.

The chat did not go well, with Sunshine, so, I decided to take a drive in the night, to enjoy the good roads of BaPF, when there is no congestion. I like doing that, when I feel frustrated or just trying to think about something.

As I drove down Great East Road, on the Fly Over Bridge, I saw three gentlemen jogging, but I could tell that, it was not about keeping fit, it was about lack of transport since it was past 23:00hrs.

Since it was difficult for me to stop around that area, I went and stopped at Wimpy filling station, then waited for them. I was shocked to hear that, these gentlemen were jogging to Chahinda, which is about 25 to 30 kilometers.

I gave them a lift, together with other ladies, working in Spur who were doing to Kaunda Square Stage 1.

I usually do these kind of thing, because my car is too big for me to drive alone. Besides, I still burn the same fuel even if I move alone, though the tear and wear is more, especially if you are carrying double-sized men from the East.

After dropping the ladies, at their destination I proceeded to Chahinda. What struck me, most was the story of these men. These men had actually done almost half of their journey when I found them. They were coming from Lilayi where they had gone to ask for payment after working in road contraction around their area.

The contractor left without paying them, so they had to follow him to his house, but he threatened them with trespassing, when he came in the evening, so they left without money at all.

I felt very sad, such that, I had to share the very little I had with them, as I dropped them off in Chahinda.

Basically, you may be upset with the behavior of this Contractor, who I am going to report to Hon. Ronald Chitotela Kaoma, this morning, so that they make him pay these workers, but another side of this story is how God comes to our aid when we least expect it.

These gentlemen never stopped me, and I was already locked up in my house, but this young lady depressed me, by turning me down, because of my old age (#Tayali44), which sent me on the road, only to help these men.

Forget about all my pursuit of a wife, it is just to make the article interesting, though true it is, instead, think about the God of Love who sees you, in whatever situation and comes to help you.

Don’t think you are alone, running a long distance, like those three gentlemen, God is with you and you must have faith that you will reach your destination, but you have to start the journey first. As the day, starts, wakeup and set out to do your part, God will find you on the way.

No matter what you are going through, believe God will come through, from where you least expect.

This is why, I am usually smiling, no matter what comes my way, because I know my God is always with me, even when bailiffs pounce on me, or Sunshine turns me down, I know God will give me what is mine.




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