Chilufya Tayali


Opposition Economic and Equity Party President Chilufya Tayali says the United Party for National Develolment must be diregistered by the Registrar of Society because of its violent nature.

Mr. Tayali says UPND is more violent than the Patriotic Front such that if not diregistered, it will put the country at risk of war in 2021.

He says Hichilema has clearly failed to displine his cadres who were beating up people in Lusaka townships.

“We can try to be diplomatic, civil or whatever way you try to sugar quote it, the fact of the matter remains that UPND is the most violent party in Zambia and they are a danger to our peace”.

“To start with, how come we have violence, during campaigns, in their strongholds? It is because they are intolerant to other political parties. They declare their strongholds as a no go area for other political parties.”

“It is a fact that, as EEP leader, I would be on a suicide mission to go to Southern province for campaigning. Edgar Lungu and other PF members go to Southern province under heavy security otherwise they would come back naked.”

Mr. Tayali also says there is too much blood and violence in UPND strongholds.

“The other point is that, how come we have violence free elections when UPND has not participated.While I still maintain that, the man who fired at the UPND cadre must be arrested by the police, I strongly believe UPND provoked the situation when they attacked the PF campaign team.” He said.

He says he is going to talk to his Lawyers to Summon the Registrar of Society to court to have UPND diregistered.

“I will not apologise for expressing myself about the abuse of the UPND. But maybe I should consult lawyers to summon the Registrar to court so that she can explain why they have allowed such a party to continue operating when it is clear this party too violent” he said.

“I know PF is also violent but trust me, their violence is nothing compared to UPND. These guys are something else.HH, shame on you, how many people do you want to bury before you accept that Presidency is not for you, otherwise based on the violence that comes out of your party, you would resign, but you seem to be willing to see more blood shed for you to be President. What happened today was very bad.” He said.


  1. Chilufya Tayali, what evidence and authority do you have to judge that UPND is the most violent party in Zambia? Why do you want to hide from the clear and documented evidence that PF is violent even in areas where PF has no strongholds. PF even threatens opposition political parties never to visit and meet people freely in their so called strongholds.

    Tayali, remember you are allowed the freedom of expression even when what you say and write is useless. If Edgar Lungu and other PF members go to Southern Province under heavy security using public resources and the police, havent you asked yourself why when HH and other UPND members want to go to Northern and Eastern Province, they never get this heavy security?

    Who is currently in control of government, state and national security in Zambia? Is the current commander-in Chief of the armed forces failing to ensure control of the monopoly use of force. Are you now confirming that Edgar Lungu and the PF government has failed to provide security to you and other citizens in an independent and fair manner to all participating political parties and citizens? What credibility do you have when you want to lay the blame for violence on another opposition party. Your specific mention of Southern Province as the region where Edgar Lungu and other PF members have to go under heavy security smacks of regionalism and tribalism. Dont push people from some regions to feel insulted as being violent. If you had your own experience of violence due to your personal cases, dont blame UPND or all people of Southern province. Push for those responsible for national security to provide you with the necessary heavy security. You are clearly paid to damage the reputation of HH and UPND.

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