Miles Sampa writes;

Disturbing now proven occurences at the Chinese owned and managed Simona cement plant.

This morning we got a text from a brave whistle blower a Zambian worker from the plant. Him and other over 100 Black workers have been held hostage inside the factory and not allowed to go home because they can bring back Corona virus. They have been threatened with getting fired if they ever left the plant.

Our fact finding mission later in the afternoon proved that indeed it’s the factual position. Both the Zambian workers we spoke to and the Chinese supervisor we spoke to via a Zambian interpreter confirmed that Covid19 is the reason they have not been allowed to go home for about 8 weeks (2 to 3 months).

We told the Chinese supervisor that this is slavery reloaded. Black Zambians did not originate Corona virus. It originated in China and first imported into Zambia via France .

The Chinese management and Executives in the meantime are allowed to go home every night and come back next morning.

I ordered them to release the workers tonight and allow them to go and see their wives and children.

Over 60% of labour workforce at this plant are from our City and the rest from Chongwe and Kafue Districts.

I will cascade this anomally to my Ministers for further indulgence and reprimand if possible.

Overwelmed with this particular complaint of workers locked in for months by various Chinese owned companies.

Meantime,Iam off to another whistle blower with exact complaint along Airport road.




  1. Comment: please even here in chambishi it is the same and it is 1 month now we haven’t seen our families because the Chinese threatened us to be fired once you go out even if 1 of the family member got sick. mwebantu our provincial minister disappointed with his speech for me ba Kopala we don’t have a minister to speak for us please ba lungu bring us back Mr lusambo and take this minister to where he belongs

  2. It’s Eve worse here in kafue gorge lower. We are slaves of the Chinese.we just don’t know if our government has allowed this

  3. Comment:That is what as been happening even in copperbelt, in the Chinese mining companies eg Chambishi copper Smelter.zambians are being held hostages in there own country, we’re pleading to the governmen officials and to the minister of minings , take an action over this matter like what as happened there..

  4. They were supposed to be deported back to China if it were in Kaunda’s time. Them (Chinese) are mistreating Africans in their country and still come to Zambia mistreat us like this Why?
    Please closing the rasist shop is not enough. They are supposed to be deported back to China we will lose nothing.

  5. Even here in luanshya its the same thing, here its even worse this people are very wicked I don’t know why they treat our brothers like this in our own country . my brother was expelled for just accessing Art treatment coz he ran out of the drug and they have been quarantined for over a month but this stupid people fired him for that,where are we going as a country our brothers and sisters are getting hell treatment in this Chinese companies and the government is watching what type of human beings are we , deport these people all of them because they don’t mean well to this country and to our people.

  6. What could be happening here? It appears the Chinese firms based in Zambia are implementing their country’s (China) health guidelines here in Zambia. The problem starts from the top. It clear that the authority of our government is being undermined. Government directives are being ignored. Sometimes they are giving conflicting and confusing statements that needs clarifications.
    But I salute Miles Sampa for his proactiveness. I don’t know how he lost the PF party presidency in 2016. Zambians always reject presidential materials.


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