A Zambian based Explosion Foundation and Shebah Techniques run by Zambian brothers have pledged to help Artist Muzo Aka Alphonso mentally, Physically and Financial statuses.

According to the brothers representative David Khazila says he is looking for contact details of Muzo or his close relative for him to get hold of him and start the help immedietely.

Mr. Khazila says him and his brothers can not seat and watch a talent in Muzo go to waste simply because people dont want to help him out of his sutuation.

He says him and his two brothers are dedicating there time and resources to ensure that Muzo is sorted out both mentally, Physically and Financially.

“Please people i just need how i can get hold of Muzo Aka Alphoso. I have tried to inbox him on his official page but no response. If anyone has direct details of him or close family, Please contact me in my inbox (David Khazhila)” he said.

“We recommend his career and we want to assure people that we will do anything possible to fixed his situation and support him mentally, physically and much more financially” he stated.

“We will ensure that he is back on the map and catches up with his music career again. We are positive that Muzo is much more capable in making it in our society once helped” he stated.

“So if you know where he is tell him he is needed. His Career won’t go in trash for as long as we live.Please contact me so that we can give him the help he needs. You can get in touch with me via an email: [email protected] or inbox me his details on David Khazhila.” He stated.

The group of brothers running Explosion Foundation and Shebah Techniques are based in Chingola with some of their businesses in Solwezi and Kitwe.

In the picture is David Khazhila, one of the brothers willing to help Muzo once they get hold of his details.


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