By Richard Aaron Ngoma

Chingola District Commissioner Agness Tonga accompanied by several police officers this morning stormed a live Church service at Life Gospel Cathedral, that was being presided by Bishop Joseph Kazhila. The shocked congregation watched as the equally startled Bishop led the high powered delegation to his office.

Earlier in the service that was broadcast live on Radio and TV, Bishop Kazhila had vehemently opposed the tradition of the national day of prayer that compels people to pray and fast on the 18th of October every year. In his sermon Bishop Kazhila argued that government had no moral obligation to force anyone when to pray or not to pray.

“The Bishop said prayer was a personal matter and that it was not correct for a government that thrived on injustice, corruption and violence to force people to pray and then after prayers return to their evil ways. The Bishop insisted that prayer should be an every day matter and not on any one day and that those involved in undesirable vices must not be the ones to force people to pray” , said the source.

The message appeared to have angered the District Commissioner who scrambled a team of Police officers to the Church.

“In the Bishop’s office, the District Commissioner ordered the Bishop to preach the power point message that had been authorised by the government under the Ministry of Religious affairs. Upon his return to the auditorium, the Bishop walked to the pulpit and announced that he would rather fear God than man and that as a matter of fact politicians ought to fear him than him fearing politicians”, said the impeccable source.

The District Commissioner’s entourage left the Cathedral after the service. Early last year Bishop Kazhila was arrested by police after accusing them of being behind the gassing and ritual killing in the small Copperbelt mining town of Chingola. He was charged for alarming the public but was however acquitted of the charge by the courts.

It is yet to be seen if the Police will charge Bishop Joseph Kazhila for preaching a contrary message to that of government on the national day of prayer and fasting. -Zambia Eagle



  1. Could this DC go to the mighty Catholic church and dictate what the church has to preach the answer is a big no.
    PF becareful God is not for the ill hearted but for thise who what God wants to do

    • Bishop kazhila you are a real man of God.when they bring brown envelope please don’t accept because you will fail to speak for the are one of the preachers that will be remembered for speaking for the masses and we know that you are one that follows the bible.what is happening in zambia is is shocking,leaving one to wonder what kind of leadership sata left.i feel like iam dreaming and in a nightmare.cant wait for these people to leave power next year.

  2. Is worship by force? Is what to preach to be cooked by idiots and forcefully pushed down the throats of those who have own program? Bangwele lekeni u ubusushi mulecita. God cannot be mocked especially not by illiterate idiots who cannot even spell their names.

  3. Too much negative energy in Zambia!
    How does a normal government wish to sanction worship?
    The DC and those police officers should count themselves lucky. One day Fire will rain on them for interfering in matters they don’t understand!
    Let GRZ stick to it’s lane and leave the church to it’s lane also. Give to Caeser what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God! With this saying, Jesus put a clear distinction and separation between Church and State! This is the reason why the formation of Religious Affairs Ministry was ill-concieved and ill-advised! The same can be said about the Christian Nation Declaration!

  4. Prayer is an excuse for refusing to think and take personal Responsibility for one’s life!
    The missionaries did a great job! By indoctrinating African natives with worship, unhindered and unnoticed access to natural resources is 100% guaranteed. The poor Africans are busy closing their eyes in prayer while ba mwisa are busy stealing your resources! You want to go to heaven because you have messed up your country… What proof do you have that you are not in heaven right now? You have neglected the true God-given true worship of WORK! This is what the Sabbath Commandment is all about! It’s about WORK for 6 literal Days and Rest on the Seventh Day! Lazing around for 6 days is what makes nation’s poor! The only form of work most people know is Slave work – working for a Salary! This is what Western Education is all about – training people for jobs, not work! The sad reality is there is work everywhere and everyone is running up and down looking for jobs? It’s not even the job of government to create jobs!
    Zambian Prayers are based on wishful thinking and that is why they don’t work!
    Such worship is vain worship because it amounts to misusing the Holy Name of God, a Sin that violates the Third Commandment! Not everyone who says Lord Lord is right with God ( Matthew 7:21-22).


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