Chingola Residents Riot Again, As A Grade Four Pupil Gets Shot In The Process!

Chingola Residents are back with riots and this morning descended on Chiwempala Police Station with a view of burning it after a 40 year old miner was apprehended in the early our of today for alleged loitering.

The angry mob had damaged the police station bringing down a wall fence after word went round that the man arrested was a ritual killer.

However police managed to handle the mob and later went on to loot shops, blocked roads and burnt tires stating that police were shielding a ritual killer.

The Victim has been identified as Loizy Mwanakapongu, 40, a miner from Chililabombwe who was nabbed around 03hrs.

Meanwhile, police in the morning shot a grade 4 pupil who is nursing bullet wounds at Nchanga North Hospital during a riot.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has confirmed the incident stating the boy is in a stable condition.



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