(Sensitive and expectant mothers shouldn’t view the image)


A Chingola teenager has given birth to a mysterious life after nine months pregnancy.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confirmed the delivery and sadden disappearance of a thing that was delivered.

Ms Katanga has told The Independent Observer that a 16-year-old female teenager of Chiwempala had on Friday September 8, 2017 given birth to something which looked like a tortoise.

“She felt like she was in labour at her home and went to the rest room where she delivered that thing. After delivery it was kept in the toilet until yesterday September 12, 2017. The matter was reported at Chiwempala police who in turn went with the teenager to Chawama clinic. At clinic the mother was told to torch it and in process her hands became (stiff) paralyzed.

“It was at this point that the tortoise baby like was taken back to Chiwempala Police station. Police were mandated to guard the mysterious baby, but it suddenly disappeared in thin air from police guard. This was a mysterious birth and it remains a mystery to police,” she said.

Ms Katanga said the mother was referred to Nchanga North General hospital for treatment.



  1. If only she listened when she was told to stay away from sex,Bana bamanje too much mwano they think they know it all,its so unfortunate she learnt the hard way.
    Luckily God is a forgiving God,he will take you back anytime


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