Chingwere Junction fatal accident claims 9 lives and leaves several injured


7 people have died in a fatal road accident which occured along the Great North Road at Chingwere Junction with several others injured and admitted to UTH and Chingwere First Level Hospitals.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said that the Fatal Road Traffic Accident occurred today, 9th October, 2021 at about 18:40 hours along Great North road at Chingwere road junction.

Mr Hamoonga said involved was unknown male adult driver who was driving a Mitsubishi Rosa Passenger Service Vehicle bus registration number BAK 9787 who died on the spot and the bus was extensively damaged.

He said also involved were 29 passengers in the Rosa bus of which Eight unknown passengers sustained Fatal injuries, Two male adults, Three female adults, Two unknown male juveniles and One unknown female juvenile.

Mr Hamoonga said Seven dead bodies have been deposited in UTH mortuary whilst two bodies are in Chingwere level One mortuary (Deceased driver inclusive).

He furthermore said that 16 passengers in the Rosa bus sustained serious injuries in which Seven female adults and Nine male adults are all admitted in UTH.

Mr Hamoonga explains that also involved was unknown male adult driver who was driving a Howo truck and trailer registration number AOB 3515 and BAC 9616 T which was damaged and the driver is on the run.

“The accident occurred when the unknown driver for the Howo truck who was driving from North to South swerved to his right side lane in trying to avoid a small bus which was in front of him, in the process he lost control of the motor vehicle crossed the island went in the opposite lane and hit into a Rosa bus that was moving from South to North,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said that the bodies of the deceased driver and the passengers await identification and post mortem.244543779_270151868445560_3487228133494064598_n




  1. May Their Souls Rest In Peace (MTSRP). Please young news reporters, when the Great North Road was constructed in the early 1970s it started from Kapiri Mposhi and not from Lusaka. So there are two Great Roads! The other one being the Great East Road, which starts from Lusaka to Chipata, while the Great North Road starts from Kapiri Mposhi to Nakonde! Period! The road from Lusaka to Kabwe is called Lusaka-Kabwe road and from Kabwe to Kapiri is called Kabwe-Kapiri road! Even if you look at the Roads map of Zambia you will find that the GNR starts from Kapiri. Before it was tarred and named GNR it was called Hell Run because of the several accidents that occured as trucks transporting goods from Dar es Salaam were getting stuck and over-turning after Ian Smith , Prime Minister of then Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) banned Zambia from using the Rail line passing through Rhodesia to transport goods from and to South Africa. So after being a Hell Run, it was now a great road, after it was tarred, named the “Great North Road”! At the same time another road was tarred to the Eastern part of the country, so coincidentally the City father’s then thought it was another great milestone achieved after the problems drivers went through negotiating roads in a muddy road in manenekela? And called it the Great East Road, starting from Lusaka, at Kabwe Round About! Hope it’s clear now! Journalists must read a lot of History so that they don’t disseminate wrong information to the public! And the children of our children will be mis-led by you journalists! Please report the right , correct things!

  2. There’s need to follow traffic laws. How did that small bus get in front of the truck? These tuma minibuses are driven recklessly. Find and arrest the culprit.


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