Chipata Airport incident has afforded Zambians opportunity to see another side of HH; his ability to negotiate – Laura Miti

Laura Miti wrote…

Yesterday, whoever instructs the police to prevent HH from campaigning instead gave him an opportunity to sell himself, that was worth a couple of rallies.

You see, that interaction with Commissioner Lungu showed the public a side of the opposition leader that, without the police, would have remained known only by those who have had the opportunity to engage with him in private.

He came across as calm and respectful of the otherside in a tense situation. A leader who excudes authority and commands respect without being a bully. An individual adept at using logic rather volume to win an argument.

Goodness, it was impressive to watch.

I doubt that PF leaders would have, watching that video, enjoyed the thought that they gave their rival the priceless opportunity to put on display this strong side.

The lesson, I guess, is play fair. Things have a way of backfiring.


  1. He managed to pump sense into the head of the senior-most police officer in Eastern province. I think Commissioner Lungu was impressed too and probably asked himself why the PF leadership wants him to be hard on such a man.

  2. That is what I always tell you all that we are all men but HH is a man and Half.


  3. Laura you are right. The way the PF have treated HH in this particular campaign is worse than persecution. He has been denied air clearance, he has been denied news coverage, he has been denied free passage by Zambia Police to any place in Zambia to campaign. In addition the PF have gathered together an evil crew of political defilers to slander and abuse him, including Nawakwi, GBM, convict CK, Canissius Banda, Nakachinda, Mutale ,Moonga . We can now say HH is now diplomatically but forcefully making his way to do what he should enjoy freely without obstruction. In doing this he is winning the sympathy and support of more and more Zambians. Yes, when there are such levels of injustice and prejudice ,things do really backfire. BUT PF will only know this after 12th August.

  4. That’s not even a negotiation, it is his right, every Zambian has that right. The police detained him without a charge and what does the law say about that? It is either you release him or you charge him. No negotiation there.

    How do you negotiate your right? That was simply an illegal detention.

  5. HH was just on top of things. He had everything under control. He even respectifully asked Commissioner Lungu to provide transport and police escort. And the Commisioner equally responded respectifully. That is leadership.

  6. It was embarrassing and unnecessary. I think, as possible future leaders, heads of the Opposition should be accorded the same respect the President gets. Let’s be more civil!

  7. Laura Miti is a cadre of Upnd! Anyway what was there to make headlines about! Hichilema remains a pompous chap who has failed to work with others like GBM, Cainisious Banda, Kambwili, Richard Kaputa, Charles Kakoma, and the chasing away of Sakwiba Sikota, Patrick Chisanga, Robert Sichinga when he acsended Upnd president from nowhere, and the worst of him was wanting late Michael Sata to be his vice in the Panji Kaunda proposed alliance! This is how useless Hichilema is! He has a very dented past, and his character cannot be changed by you Laura Miti! Think of more important things to do and say than trying to get milk from a stone! Hichilema’s character is well known and is not fit to lead anybody! So he’s in for the 6th loss on August 12! Laura please advise him to retire after August 12! Period!

  8. HH has been Excellent at whatever he has done.
    1). Education and Childhood challenges -excellent student.
    2). Work and Career progression- Excellent.
    4). Start & growing successful Business- Excellent.
    5). Managing his family and Marriage life- Excellent
    6). Service to the nation as ZPA consultant- Excellent (Royal Sun by HH is an example)
    7. Managing and growing a Political Party membership- Excellent
    8. Living exemplary Christian life- Excellent

    The man is a blessing.

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