By Tatila Mbozi
Okay CK has a dangerous inflated ego. He overrates himself so much. Thanks to us Zambians who entertain him because of his loud persona. His pressser was laced with tribalism and unbelievable display of greedy and selfishness on top of self entitlement.

The man never meant well right from the beginning. Honestly the man forgets the only seat he’s using to overate himself was given to him by UPND. Had upnd fielded a candidate, that seat would have either being won by us or PF certainly not NDC. As it stands NDC has something to show as a benefit of being in the alliance than UPND.

Imagine the man further demanded for 40 percent of local and parliamentary seats on top of being running mate. He even suggested that upnd could field candidates in northern province while his NDC fields in southern or western province in the so called alliance.What kind of madness is this?

I’m just disappointed that the party even agreed to give him 30% seats. What would remain of the party by the time other alliance partners also demand their shares? Suppose Pres Milupi also demands 30% seats considering that he’s won luena and some local govt seats alone before unlike CK who’s never won a seat alone without help.

What of Pres Leslie Chikuse also putting a demand of 10%? Ninshi what percentage will be for UPND after such kind of sharing..30% for UPND 🙆🏿‍♀️ after 23 years of trying hmmmm. This kind of blackmail is pure evil.


  1. No Mr. T. Mbozi, the one who over-rates himself is Mr. Sammy Hakainde Hichilema who thinks hes the best politician, not Mr. Kambwili. Just because hes not Tonga then he over rates himself in your eyes! Thats the attitude which will make Hichilema not rule Zambia! Infact after August 12, Hichilema must be fair to himself by retiring from his failed political career! When Kenneth Kaunda because president of Zambia in 1964, it was not him who told people of Zambia that he was the best among the crop of politicians then, but people recognized his abilities, even the corrupt Fred Chiluba didnt tell anybody that hes the best politician, but people based on his fighting spirit in ZCTU! But the only thing Zambians remember about Sammy Hichilema is that he took part in selling then Zambia’s economic life-line, the mines! So what makes him the best polutician after such a bad record of theft and crookery?

    • All those saying UPND is trying to be selfish don’t understand the national constitution, the current constitution can’t allow more two political parties with different names to form govt, whatever name they would have given the alliance UPNDC or south, west, north, etc, as long as the president and his running mate stand on UPND, the other parties of the alliance will be called opposition in parliament under current constitution and only those who stand on the presidents part will be on the right, this is what those you calling selfish are trying to avoid and also to keep in line with the national constitution .when making political decisions it’s very important to take into consideration the provisions in the national constitution.

  2. Mr. Manganga, you have a hung over from the propaganda your brain has been poisoned with. We who are in UPND do not even talk of or think of tribe. We leave that to the PF thieves who print money without parliament’s approval. This is the type of thinking which is only peculiar tp PF where you think in reverse. How do you think that the biggest opposition party has to overrate itself against one of our alliance partners with one MP, a victory we all shared out of putting efforts together to campaign in Roan against all odds from the PF. Surely, does HH need to even rate himself against any of the nashala neka parties in Zambia? Our battle is against the party that has destroyed our Zambia which is your party PF. Come join us and liberate Zambia. Do not worry HH will liberate even the PF members like you who are ever hungry but shout “Pa bwato-o! with foul breath because you can not afford tooth paste. Come voting day, the people of Zambia have already decided. Go on the ground like we do and get the mood of the people my friend.


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