Dear editor

Yesterday I was alerted by a friend of mine to watch a video that Mr Chitambala Mwewa known as Simon Mwewa Lane posted on Facebook forcing a woman selling water to pick and dispose empty packs of water.

I have been seriously thinking about the comments many people make on him that he is childish and that he is suffering from midlife crisis. I was not sure of this but now I have seen that this man does not think properly.

However, my point is this; under what law does Simon Mwewa Lane make a woman to pick the plastics that were down, merely because she was selling water that was packed in the similar plastics as those littered?

This behavior of this man has gone too far. That was a serious abuse of the woman. You could actually see that she was not happy doing that and probably, she accepted because she is in the category of vulnerable persons in society. Am 100% sure that if Mr Chitambala did that to someone well informed, he would get the shock of his life.

However noble the cause is, the means to an end must be justifiable and must not violate the fundamental rights of someone. What just happened is against the rights of that woman. There is no written law anywhere in this country which says that those who products are responsible for filthy of the packs they of their products if found empty in the ground and therefore, they must be forced to pick them against their wish..

This is as good as making Trade Kings begin to pick all the empty bottles on the streets of the drinks they manufacture, which people buy but throw outside bins!

At best I find Mr Chitambala’s wanton behavior bullying and at worst it is foolish.
But here is the same bully who took that guy Simon Mulenga Mwila to court for alleged Cyber Bullying yet himself is a sworn bully!

If this old man is very much interested to keep his surrounding clean, let him employ people to watch over it so that those who throw anyhow filthy can be made to pick the things thrown outside bins. This is allowed but not that stupid behavior of forcing that helpless woman to pick a plastic she knows not of as if she is the one who threw it.

However, since Chitambala is very much interested in being clean, first, let him do two things for us.

1.Make sure that he looks clean himself. Change clothes, look your age and buy some better clothes.

2. Destroy that old insaka of a building and put up a proper building that looks clean. That so-called Simoson building a very much dirty. I think it is the most dirty building in Zambia. How about changing it and making it look clean like the English words he use which he learnt from abroad?

Lastly, I want to make a warning to this man, ine I will pass there one day and throw anything anyhow just to revenge on behalf of that woman. If he happens to be present and tries to act funny, it is going to be game no police.
Yours, Shintu


  1. Someone please give us the details of this woman or someone who knows her.As the author says that Simoson is pathetic,probably even a death trap.LCC is that building fit to be there?Let it be demolished so granpa can take his accent elsewhere,and i hope he picks up a young man who will show him to respect others…

  2. Mwewa you are stupid, an idiot and a dog, do you think the seller is the consumer? Why should you take advantage of a vulnerable woman and subject her to the worst abuse and torture ever done by an idiot pretending to be white? Your inferiority complex will kill you we kabwa iwe. Where are the NGOs in this case? Are they silent because the woman abused by this dog is poor? Mwaiche iwe uli kapoli. Stupid idiot. Common sense should tell you that the end users are the ones who liter the streets and not the vendor.

  3. Sure that fat old man Simon Mwewa left us this fat stupid arse of a son! He is lucky I am not in Lusaka at the moment cos I was going to teach him a very good lesson. I know his sister Lombe is a very good person but not this idyot! It is not over – I know where to find him and what to do with him. I will sort him out!

  4. That’s not the only way to be done. This guy is dull and clearly demonstrates a lack of thinking. Someone arrest him abusing the poor woman who doesn’t know her rights.

  5. This guy thanks he owns that area besides inheritance of an outdated structure. Fake accent and a pea for a brain,those are poor pipo. Employ others to pick up your thrash not pass buyer’s


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