SOME concerned Christians in the country have appealed to local secular singers not to imitate their colleagues from the West who in their music videos and public performances try to simulate sex to sell their music.

In separate interviews, some Zambians spoken to expressed disappointment that some local singers especially Mampi and Dambisa were “pushing their lucky too far.”
One of them, Mike Tembo- a Lusaka teacher said indecent dressing and suggestive dance moves among the female singers were not only sinful in the eyes of God but also negatively affect children and youths.

“What we are saying is that those things our sisters are doing are very wrong. I don’t need to remind them that Zambia is a Christian nation and people need to behave in an acceptable way.

“It’s sinful and it’s morally wrong to dress badly and dance suggestively just because you want people to buy your music. It’s because of such people that we have high defilement and rape rates.”

Mrs Janet Mulenga, a 47-year-old mother of 3 says music videos produced by among others Mampi, Judy Yo and Dambisa were having a negative effect on her teenage sons.
“My children at home are not as well behaved as I would have loved them to be. And that is not because I am a very bad mother. No. I have tried to raise them in a Christian way. But the music they listen to has had very bad effects on them. They sing those very insulting songs. Some are into watching pornography and I want to believe it’s the music videos that they watch…one of my boys has a very big almost nude picture of Mampi on his bedroom wall,” complained Mrs Mulenga in an interview at her home in Lusaka’s Chilenje South.

Others spoken to like Mr Gerald Mungwa asked the state to come in by introducing age restriction for certain videos produced and broadcasted in Zambia.

Mampi, when contacted by The Church Newspaper for a reaction, referred the query to her manager whose mobile phone was unreachable by press time.

But recently, Mampi stated that her dressing on stage is only an act and further warned youths to desist from imitating celebrities as most of the musicians’ dressing during performances is meant to create an impact on their audiences.


  1. Meet Mampi in the street, she is shy and wears very respectful clothes. Yes ,l agree with her fully that her dressing when she is working, that’s dancing and performing is totally different. But never confuse her true character to that on stage. Music is rough Industry and one must work very hard and have her own identity.

  2. We are heading in the wrong direction if we start appealing to the government to start putting controls on what people should wear. Musicians world over are a breed of their own and will do unconventional and crazy things to entertain us. What we should be doing if we don’t like some things is to avoid watching them. Continue educating your children but expect them to choose what to watch on their own as they grow older. Let’s not mix entertainment with so-called Christian values. Some of us enjoy these very things people are condemning. Let’s condemn nudity and pornography but musicians and their dancers need to be allowed to work their waists and bottoms during performances.


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