City Market Manager Mwenya Matafwali has rubbished allegations by Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa that he has misappropriated over K13 million.

Mr. Matafwali was reacting to a letter written by the Mayor addressed to Lusaka City Council Town Clerk Alex Mwansa, which accused him of remitting only K60, 000.00 in 2019 out of a total revenue of over K13 million.

Mr. Sampa has also recommended that Mr. Matafwali’s contract should not be renewed when it expires this July, owing to his alleged poor financial performance.

Mr. Matafwali has denied the allegations, further stating that the market’s wage bill is about K1 million for over 250 workers, while the market has other operational costs.

The city market manager also believes Mr. Sampa has a personal bone to pick with him.



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