LAZ president Linda Kasonde
LAZ president Linda Kasonde

A consortium of Civil Society Organisations has joined others in condemning the proposed amendments to the Constitution of Zambia as contained in the Constitution Amendment Bill of 2019 which is currently before parliament.

The CSOs which include Chapter One Foundation, Action Aide, Caritas Zambia, Alliance for Community Action, NGOCC, CiSCA and TIZ have noted that the proposed amendment to the constitution will be costly to the Zambian people given the high levels of debt and the austerity measures being implemented by government.

Speaking on behalf of other Organisations, Chapter One Foundation Executive Director Linda Kasonde said the money that government wants to use in the process would have gone towards providing services to the people of Zambia in the Health and Education Sectors among others.

Ms. Kasonde also noted that removing the limit of Constituencies will allow the party in government to increase the number of MPs at will to have the majority numbers in Parliament to pass any law in the house.

And Ms. Kasonde said the proposal to have a coalition government will undermine the power of the people to vote for the President of their choice as the party in power can partner with a political party that is not in favour of the people.

She noted that the Framework of the Zambian Constitution does not support the coalition government.

And on the proposed unlimited number of Judges that make up the High Court, Constitutional Court and Court of appeal will allow the party in power to pack the courts with the people that are sympathetic towards them and compromise the independence of the judiciary.

Ms. Kasonde said the removing of the constitutional powers in the hands of the people means that the country is descending into anarchy.

He has since supported the stance taken by Law Association of Zambia President who has condemned the proposed amendments to the Constitution describing it as a move in the right direction.

Ms. Kasonde has urged the LAZ Council to support the stance taken by Mr. Mweetwa as it is in the interest of the Zambian people.


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