Zambias Photograpger Chellah Tukuta has charged that he is alarmed with the level of desperation exhibited by Zambias female rapper cleo ice queen because she was so broke despite dating Chicken layering men.

The heated up beef between Cleo Ice and Chellah Tukuta the photographers seems to be an ongoing thing since in 2017.

Meanwhile Cleo Ice Queen whose real names are Clementina Mulenga says she is not disturbed with chellah’s attacks because his dental formula speaks volumes.

Yesterday Chellah, described local music act and former Big Brother Africa housemate Clementina Mulenga popurarly known as Cleo Ice Queen as a broke ass girl who is currently starving and chasing after Chicken layering men if not exposing her nudes on TV.

In January Chellah, disclosed that he was disgusted and flabbergasted when he was distributing flyers in town about his business when Cleo Ice Queen popped out of the window of the car to ask if he had started struggling with his business of Photography.

He posted on his Facebook “So Cleo Ice Queen sees me distributing my flyers and she screams “YAVUTA PHOTOGRAPHY?”

Me: Eheeeeee. Our Zambian mindset hmmmmm” But those who are his friends on Facebook asked him to take it easy as the music artist might have been joking with him.

Yesterday he bragged about taking pictures of internationally aclaimed celebs like South African TV personality Minnie Ndhlamini.

But in her response, Cleo Ice Queen says he does not take Chellah’s hatred because he once proposed her.

The artist says she could never date a Person who dental formula is that of a rat.

“I have nothing against your job, in fact you are an amazing photographer; but your dental formula speaks volumes, I can never ever date a dental formula of a rat” stated the artist.


  1. …# ba Chellah nabeve…if its the same Chellah who had issues with some Mutale Mwanza…then the guy needs to grow up….why is it he’s always having issues with so called perceived “celeb” women??? Chellah you a man, stop being childish and stop abusing the powers of floating any issue you have with someone on social media… Its being cheap, way too low in IQ ….

  2. chella is a drama queen navimeno vosalanga he needs to get a life.not so long ago he went for the young celebrity stylist Harris Nation now he is on cleo what a stupid fool he is.


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