Clive Chirwa


GOVERNMENT is considering acquiring an unspecified number of the sleek AUVIV buses designed by United Kingdom-based Zambian engineering professor Clive Chirwa with improved safety features, Minister of Works and Supply Sylvia Chalikosa has said.

The high roof monocoque bus known as the City Cruiser was designed to meet the safety standards set by Government through Statutory Instrument No. 79 of 2016.

Ms Chalikosa was speaking during an interaction with a delegation from the Daily Nation Group led by special projects editor Charles Chisala in her office in Lusaka recently.

She said Government was interested in the bus because of its quality and enhanced safety features and would like to try out some of the vehicles and see how they would perform.

“Seriously, as a ministry I am contemplating we consider engaging AUVIV to make vehicles for Government that we can try out and see if we can change the face of Government. People must know that this is a government vehicle, this is a private vehicle,” Ms Chalikosa said.

She said her ministry wanted to encourage people to look after public property, including vehicles.

“We just want to have a certain type of vehicles in rural areas that are durable rather than being fancy, then two years down the line the vehicle is all tattered and broken down. So we have plans,” Ms Chalikosa said.




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