Government has announced that colleges of education across the country will reopen on June 29, 2020 for third and fourth year students.

Minister of General Education Mr David Mabumba said at a media briefing in Lusaka this afternoon that the institutions of higher learning, both private and public, have put in place necessary measures to avoid COVID-19 hence the decision to allow the reopening of final year classes.

He said the ministry sat to look at what could be done with the over a 100 colleges of education in both private and public sector and arrived at a decision to allow final year students to resume classes at the end of this month.

“I am happy to inform the people of Zambia that all the colleges of education in the Republic of Zambia will be reopening on the 29th of June. We have allowed this time so that the colleges of education can prepare the schools and also to prepare the students wherever they are. This reopening will focus on the third year and fourth year students who are about to graduate. In the meantime, colleges will continue to deliver programmes for no-examination classes through e-learning,” Mr Mabumba said.

He said the ministry was carefully consulting on how to deal with non-examination classes, including colleges and universities.

Mr Mabumba further expressed happiness that schools in the 40 districts he has visited so far have put in place appropriate COVID-19 measures for primary and secondary examination classes that have reopened.

“The reopening of examination classes in primary and secondary schools was done on June 1 and that has been a success story. Covid-19 materials have been sent to be distributed in schools. In terms of actual academic calendar, this will be given when I will be giving a ministerial statement in Parliament,” Mr Mabumba said.



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