If China cancels $30M of Zambia’s debt:

By Elias Munshya

1. How much exactly is Zambia’s debt to China? Total.
2. Any coincidence between this “debt cancellation” and KCM?
3. If they have provided another grant, who will be the contractor?

4. NAPSA overpaid a Chinese company for a contract. That is not even remotely relevant.
5. Common sense tells you that no one gives anything for free. Particularly, a Chinese government. They know what they are buying. They know what they are paying for.

6. Cancelling $30 or $20 million comes to about 30 or 20 fire tenders which came at $1 million a piece.

The Communist Party of China is a big buyer, the Patriotic Front party of Zambia is a big sellout.


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