Tutwa Ngulube

PF Deputy Parliamentary chief whip Tutwa Ngulube says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should not compare the Malawian Constitutional Court to the Zambian ConCourt because the two are not the same in terms of hierarchy.

In an interview, Ngulube argued that the Malawian ConCourt was not a court of final jurisdiction and comparing it to Zambia, therefore, was like comparing a cow with a lion.

“First of all, no one can trust the UPND; no one can trust Hichilema himself! If you look at the Constitutional Court of Malawi, the Constitutional Court of Malawi is below the Supreme Court. Here in Zambia, the Constitutional Court is at the same level as the Supreme Court. So Hichilema must understand, he must not make statements before doing his research; he must employ people to be researching for him so that they can be guiding him and advising him on political lines,” Ngulube said.

“The Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of Zambia are at the same power and they are at the same level. In Malawi, the Constitutional Court is at the level of High Court. So the decision of the Constitutional Court of Malawi is appealable to the Supreme Court in Malawi. Here on Zambia, all decisions of the Constitutional Court are final. It is like comparing a cow to a lion; you should tell a lion that you should emulate a cow the two are not the same; both in the powers and in their structures. In the Constitutional Court of Zambia, their powers are final no one can question their judgement, in Malawi their decisions can be questioned.”

And Ngulube urged Hichilema to support Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 if he wanted justice in the administration of election petitions.

“Please, Mr Hichilema, can you ignore what happened in Malawi because you don’t understand how their courts are operating. Concentrate on Bill number 10 in Zambia and see how it can help your situation because come 2021 next year, he will lose; he will still run to court because the Constitution has not yet been clarified; even the number of days for calling witnesses has not been increased; he will still trap himself and again they will tell him ‘sir we cannot continue hearing your matter because the time is up’,” he said.

Ngulube also argued that unlike Hichilema, the opposition in Malawi had enough evidence.

“And If you want to go the Constitutional Court [when] you don’t have evidence; you go to the Constitutional Court, you don’t present any witness, you don’t have any document that shows that elections were stolen; you want the court to nullify an election; in Malawi their colleagues spent almost eight months in court trying to prove this. Every document was uttered and the courts nullified the election based on what they found. If here in Zambia the opposition do not want to produce any evidence, all they want to say is that our election was marred, Hichilema should be the last person to complain about losing an election because he has lost to how many Presidents? And how many elections has he lost? So if he was a popular person, he could have been President by now,” said Ngulube.


  1. Tutwa is childish and listening to him is like listening to a confused and lunatic person.
    After 2021 Election Tutwa will fell where to operate from and he will have few friends apart from eating his money.

  2. In most cases I do not side with anyone but I try by all means to analyse issues affecting us. We have talked about rigging of elections in the past and now we’re still saying future elections will be rigged. We need to bring to the public documentary evidence that will convince the public and Courts of Laws that elections were rigged or will be rigged in future. In matters to do with law evidence is critical. Also, opposition political parties by this time should have started preparing and identifying credible persons with high morals and integrity who will be stationed in Polling Stations and who will be assigned to ECZ. These persons should be well scrutinised and trained in managing elections on behalf of their political parties. These are the same persons in case ther are irregularities will be bold enough to be witnesses and supply evidence in any electoral disputes. Any political party should put up strategies to woo support and protect their votes.

    Many times we have talked about PF government being corrupt and abusing public resources. I have not seen or heard of a person who has boldly reported PF officials to ACC or Drug Enforcement Commission or Court of Laws with evidence concerning corruption or injustice. Instead people just end up complaining on social media. Providing checks and balances requires that we talk and produce evidence and proof. We should also use and follow
    Proper laid down procedures of reporting irregularities to relevant authorities and institutions. For instance Professor Nkandu Lou and Bizwell Mutale uttered evil tribal remarks and their hate speeches are still in public domain. All what we hear and doing is condemning them through social media. If it is a crime to preach tribalism and hate speech why have we not reported the victims to Zambia Police and sue them in Court of Law so that they could be persecuted?

    I think to fight injustice and corruption in a dictatorial regime requires citizens to be firm and courageous. If we see the police not doing their jobs professionally have we lodged in a formal complaint and sued the erring officers? Mare lamenting and complaining will not addresss injustice and corruption we keep talking about.

    Today, we know that the PF falsely accused HH of privatisation and acquiring his wealth through dubious things. We have come to understand that PF are great lairs because PF government has failed to produce concrete evidence against HH ‘s involvement in privatisation?

    Even as we look forward to 2021 General Elections opposition political parties in case things do not favour them and suspect rigging of elections they should be prepared to produce tangible evidence. The same goes to PF if they lose elections should also produce evidence.

  3. Mr. Concerned Citizen, just like Tutwa Ngulube seem to live on another planet. Tutwa who claims to be a lawyer, continues making a fool of himself over constitutional matters. Having been made to look so childish and stupid by John Sangwa, Linda Kasonde and Jack Mwiimbu, one would have expected Tutwa to grow up and stop making a fool of himself by uttering statements on matters he clearly doesn’t understand.


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