1. When a mistake is made the next logical step is to acknowledge it and show remorse. That responsibility belongs to Mabumba himself. It does not matter how many of you defend him or claim we are all sinners, he still has a duty to issue an apology statement in whatever form is comfortable for him and his family.

2. It is understandable to empathize with Mabumba because of the tormenting embarrassment of this video leak. However, that should not cover up the misconduct of adultery, to which most Zambians are usually unforgiving. If he was caught dating someone’s wife, most of you would not even have said he is only human. So why the double standards now?

3. Mabumba should be punished or even fined like all other pornography producers.
4. Zambia police’s claim that the law is clear on pornography is a bunch of nonsense. The law is not clear because the police keep acting in a selective way. If investigations can take years then the law is not clear. If DSTV can air potentially pornographic scenes then the law is not clear. If there is no proper education to fight pornography and as a country we only wake up when someone’s video leaks, then the law is asleep most of the time.

5. President Lungu whether he likes it or not has exposed his own double standards when it comes to disciplining ministers. While others applaud him, most have realized that corruption which is a worse offense is being handled with kid gloves deliberately. He has shown us he is able to act, but also that his lack of consistency means he is not a principled leader.

6. Government leaders especially those who have gotten away with tribal statements, corruption charges, preaching violence or hate should shut up and not preach to us about forgiveness or morals on this issue.

7. The reaction from PF women is also strange. We know how these noisy women mobilize themselves to protest in mass whether is over Hon. Mweetwa’s comments, the Dorcus mother or HH’s statements. Another breed of hypocrites for you. If this was an opposition figure we all know how it would have even turned into a campaign issue for PF.

8. Lastly this incident exposes our lack of seriousness on pornography. Especially on the part of ZICTA, police, minister of religious affairs and parents. The reaction by people in decision making position is sending a wrong message to young people. Religious minister could not call a wrong, a wrong. The police have launched another probe that will take forever. ZICTA is laid back because there is a PF member involved. Not serious at all, because as a country we will soon forget about addressing porn in a weeks time when PF churns out another scandal.
Richard W



  1. Did the woman at the well issue an apology to Jesus? Did the woman caught ommitting adultery issue an apology? So many people are stealing our resources and we know. Have they issued apologies. Holier than thou mentality. When your friend is low it makes you holy. Is it because Africans make sacried yet they spend all time doing it.


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