By Chilufya Tayali
Concourt resumed at 15:40he’s with ruling on the following:

1. Extension of time beyond today – thrown out

2. Bringing the ECZ and ZNBC material – thrown out

3. Removing Judge Sitali from hearing the amendment of the petition in which she had earlier ruled upon – thrown out

Earlier on the in the morning there was another application which was thrown out making 4 applications thrown out of Concourt in the face of HH who is present in the Concourt.

If you like football you would say it is 4 – 0 in favor of the Respondents though the AG is warbling.

But if you think the UPND are trying to fight hard to come back in the game owing to the limited time, then you are wrong because they are now submitting another application Viva voche (orally if you have never been among big lawyers kikikiki).

The application being presented is about amending the petition and bringing in more witness evidence.

I don’t worry about time in which more witnesses will be heard, I think there will be an application on the computation of 24hrs. Maybe the Concourt has jurisdiction to hold time so that we can finish before 3rd September 2016, otherwise the case can’t go to that date.

The Respondents are opposing the amendments and I hope this will not make it 5 – 0 for the PF .

After all these preliminary motions then we will start the main case of how the PF rigged the elections.

Do you think the UPND have evidence, because it seems they are taking their time. Even if it is foreplay, this is too much. Kikikiki enjoy the afternoon and stay tuned.


  1. Just seek yo job in a godly manner and not by siding with evil doers coz the Lord will make u guilty too for derailing the peace and reputation of Zambia. There is no difference between what happened at PF convention last year and what is happening now. Zambia as a country has lost what we have valued for 52 years – Peace and Justice.


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