Constitutional Court Judges

Concourt Dismisses Bill Number 10

The Constitutional Court of Zambia has dismissed the Law Association of Zambia and Chapter One’s petition against the controversial Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill 2019 popularly known as Bill 10.

The Court delivered an abridged Judgement with a majority decision by five Judges against a dissenting one by Judge Munalula.





    • This most surprising. If Concourt has No Jurisdiction over Bill 10 then who has? Concourt is the Final Court in dealing with Constitutional Matters. Is Concourt not abdicating its Constitutional Responsibility? Who will stop illegal and unconstitutional Bills from being enacted into Law? In other Countries a Parliamentary Legal Committee (PLC) vets non-constitutional Bills to ensure such Bills comply with the Current Constitution. If Concourt has no Jurisdiction over Bill 10 then why does the High Court have jurisdiction over the ECL Impeachment Bill? More questions than answers!


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