Sunday Chanda


The five times losing UPND will again cry foul tomorrow Friday when the Constitutional Court declares President Lungu eligible for the third term, PF Media Director Sunday Chanda has said.

Speaking in Lusaka on Thursday afternoon, Mr Chanda said he has information that the ConCourt will rule in favour of President Lungu and that the UPND will cry foul. “They (UPND) are cry babies but come tomorrow Friday, the ConCourt will rule in our favour and President Lungu will be declared eligible for the 3rd term”, said Sunday Chanda confidently.

The big question is, how come Sunday Chanda has come to know the Consitutional Court judgement even before it is announced?


  1. Sunday. Chanda is very dull. He would have simply kept his stupid mouth closed if he was smart. But because he’s stupid and dull, he has already exposed the concourt judges for all to know that those judges are controlled by State House. How has the judgement come to the knowledge of this idiot? And why does consider the judgement in their favour (as he has put it) meant to shame Upnd? It is to insult the constitution, not to shame Upnd. You heard Madam Mutate Nalumango said; nobody is expecting the concourt judges to rule atwisted TV against Lungu. That’s the lawlessness in pf.

  2. Personally my take is that eligible or not eligible, this will not move the year 2021 away, the con court is not the barricade, we are the barricade and our minds are resolved for us to shine our boots for 2021, in fact eligibility will even make us more resolved than ever to ensure we know were to kick with our shined boots come 2021. non eligibility was going to maybe bring about a Mwanawasa from within and people were not going to be sure which way to go. but illegibility is a straight red card and the campaign against PF would have been over before it even starts.

  3. If you manipulate the Concourt by ordering them how judgement must be, you may celebrate today but when you are out of power, how many cases will be revisited because you manipulated the judgement? Tell the nation how come you already know the judgement. When we talk of bad governance in Zambia, this is what we mean. Prepare for jail terms all of you involved with bad governance. I am waiting for that time.

  4. Does the law exist to shame a certain group of people or to deliver justice? Sunda just like his bosses are shallow minded and useless Zambians to share this good country with.


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