“As Edfy Hamukale gets one for his family”

Sharp controversy has erupted between the farmer whose animals were killed in Choma and veterinary officers after it was discovered that eight carcasses of cattle from the 71 slaughtered animals had been stolen by the same officers

Last Saturday, veterinary officers slaughtered 32 cattle, 28 goats, and 11 sheep, valued at K138, 000 belonging to a farmer, Mr Keme Syantumbe. This was after Mr. Syantumbe attempted to move his animals from Pemba to Mumbwa via Man’gunza on foot from the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) affected area.

The Choma Magistrate Court has ordered for the auction of the carcasses following an application by the veterinary office in Choma but before the exercise could commence yesterday, it was discovered that eight carcasses were missing.

The veterinary officers, when confronted by Mr. Syantumbe about the whereabouts of his animals, reportedly told him they had been burnt. But it was later established that the 8 carcasses had been shared among top vet officials includng provncial mnister Edfy Hamukale and some PF supporters in the province.

SOURCE: Zambian Accurate Information


  1. You see the motivation was most likely evil and wanton corrupt desire to eat where one did not sow- kulya mwibila syndrome ( ikubba nyama- stealing meat!).
    LEAs (law enforcement agencies) must investigate prosecute this stock theft. Culprits must be jailed for at least 7 years for each animal (stock)


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