It’s gratifying to see President Lungu make a u-turn on the appointment of George Siame as FIC board chairman. It could be correct to question the vetting process followed to reach some of these decisions. Especially when considering the sensitivity of the institution in question. But that as it maybe, it is good to see that the President has not only realised his error but has acted swiftly to correct the situation. This is as it should be.

There is nothing wrong with admitting one’s mistakes. It is said ‘a stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave’. In this case the President is not that stubborn fly but has used a lot of will power to save the country a lot of future pain. The President has listened to the voice of reason. Others may mock and laugh but many others will salute and give the President a standing ovation.

George Siame is a man with a well documented corruption report. On top of this, Siame is a violent man who once beat up a female work colleague almost to the point of death. How could such a person hold such an important office?

This your excellence is how you fight corruption. How we wish you could also change your mind on Rowland Msiska who brought down CBOH and cost this country huge sums of donar funds to the health sector through incompetence and possibly implicitly in the crimes that were taking place at the ministry of health under his watch. We also hope you henceforth cut all contacts with Veldan Findley before this country is embarrassed internationally.

And there are still many other people that need to be weeded out from govt institutions starting with cabinet. It is not right that a govt should look like a Mafia organization going by the characters in and around it.

This also sends a message to all of us that certain offices are not for every Jim and Jack but for men and women of integrity and right standing in society. We pray your excellence that you take your time in choosing Siame’s replacement. This is not a job for carders but for patriots.

Congratulations your excellence. Indeed a stitch in time saves nine.

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  1. The problem we have in Zambia is that we have put too much powers in the executive president who appoints all key officials and Board members in institutions that are supposed to be Independent Governance Institutions. So instead of just praising Lungu for immediately revoking the appointment of Siame as Board Chair-person of FIC, Zambians and other independent civil society organisations should be demanding that Board members of Independent Governance Institutions should undergo public scrutiny and be approved by Parliament instead of just the President. Only an effective public scrutiny of people to be vetted as Board members in Independent Governance Institutions will restore legitimacy, trust and integrity of FIC and similar independent governance institutions in Zambia.

    It is not prudent to always expect a President representing a ruling political party to be impartial in appointing people to institutions that are expected to be independent safeguards of our constitutions and the rule of law in the country. In future we should reduce or completely remove the power of the president in appointing such Board members and officials.

  2. There is no need of praising him for a wrong and deliberate decision. We should not make ourselves praise singers when it is within our right to ensure we have good governance.


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