By Memory Nyambe

Government has with immediate effect halted Construction works at the contentious Forest reserve 27 in Lusaka to pave way for an extensive audit on how the plots in question were acquired.

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Elijah Muchima says it is astonishing to note how much of the forest reserve has so far been taken up and the damage it has caused on the water recharge area.

He adds that the new dawn government will live up to its campaign promises and bring sanity in the acquisition of land.

And Local Government and Rural Development, Minister Gary Nkombo is dismayed with the high levels of impunity at which the disbursement of land was done among some named senior Government officials.

Meanwhile, head of Chalimbana Conservation Trust Robert Chimambo has called on the new ministers to ensure that they correct the illegality that is openly taking a toll in the reserve forest.

The ministers were speaking when they toured the forest reserve to ascertain the extent of excision taken.

In 2009, the forest reserve 27 had 1759 hectares of which the area has had three excisions, leaving only 716 hectares of the water recharge land.





  1. You cannot concrete everything – we need forests left alone.

    As far as illegal dams are concerned, there is a dam near Chilanga – towards Kafue – around “Shambololo Lodge”, which is clearly visible on Google maps; is that legal?? Let’s check all the forests – they are all equally as important as forest 27. Without regular checks, I expect there are several illegal activities going on in remote forests in Zambia!

  2. Stopping works on forest 27 is one of the best actions so far taken by the current govt of hope and help. We did not feed those plunderers to crocodiles in the kafue river but lets ensure they pay and they get imprisoned

  3. All the plots in this forest need to be repossessed by government. Don’t forget all land in zambia is vested in the state so can be repossessed anytime.


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