By Elisha Matambo (UPND Copperbelt Chairman)

We are aware that the PF mob that traverses the Republic to look for UPND Councillors to buy, is currently on the Copperbelt with a mission to buy our Lambaland Councillors. They are offering huge sums of money to buy off our local government elected representatives inorder to create an impression that UPND is in a crisis and thereby cause expensive and unnecessary by elections, that they will heavily rig inorder to massage an ego that their popularity on the Copperbelt is surging. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Lambaland is a UPND stronghold with four constituencies namely, Mpongwe, Masaiti, Lufwanyama and Kafulafuta and we have a total of 51 Councillors in the entire Copperbelt. The PF are aware of our strength on the Copperbelt Rural, and are therefore intent on destabilizing our structures with stolen money from civil servants’ unremitted dues to various banks, which they are converting for these corrupt expeditions.

Our mission in Lambaland and the rest of the Copperbelt is clear, solid, complete and compelling and that is to liberate Zambia from the injustices, corruption, mediocrity and incompetence of the PF administration. Lambaland is therefore not for sale to the highest bidder and our Councillors there must choose patriotism above self interest and PF patronage that only seeks temporary economic relief. Like our Malawian brothers and sisters, let us resist temptation and look at the bigger picture of social and economic justice and emancipation of our people, from the shackles of the PF corruption, tribalism, violence and incompetence.

This is not the time to surrender our conscience and sell our birthright and democratic values to the plunderers and thieves of our economic and mineral wealth which they have sold to foreigners for a song. We must refuse and reject to be part of this filthy legacy, for the sake of our children and future generations. Zambia is our heritage and we have nowhere else to go to but Zambia. We must therefore protect our great nation by ensuring that the PF’s corrupt machinations are halted because it’s darkest before dawn and our final victory beckons.



  1. Beware of autocrats who see an upside to COVID 19. In Zambia, the PF uses COVID 19 health guidelines to deny open campaigns for the opposition, while PF can use taxpayers money to buy opposition councillors and to appease voters with short-term bribes. The PF now takes advantage of the COVID 19 pandemic. The PF buys opposition councillors in opposition strongholds in order to hold by-elections. Meanwhile most opposition parties are not allowed to use all their campaign strategies due to the pandemic. Holding by-elections during the pandemic suits the ruling PF. During these by-elections, many electoral abuses take place undocumented. Opposition supporters are being intimidated and several are attached without documentation. The opposition should devise strategies to counter these moves. Please find ways of documenting some of the abuses taking place during induced by-elections!!


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