Prophet Seer1

Mr Cornelius Mweetwa is over excited, UPND should briefly keep him away from the cameras before he brings trouble to the government.

As a party spokesperson, he has no power to speak about the presidential jet, that jet is a state property through ZAF, the right person to issue a statement or comment on it is the government spokesperson not the party spokesperson. He must know the boundaries and stay on his lane.

The issue of the jet, free education etc are not as important as completely flushing out the entire PF criminals from the government system.

Infact these press briefings should stop now, you have talked too much as UPND just move into action, time is moving and people are running out of patience.



  1. Yes the people in government are talking too much with very little to show for it.

    All talk less action, no direction. They seem lost at the moment.

  2. Yes indeed, mweetwa is speaking from the party point of view. Let the press aide to the president speak. We don’t want a repeat of what the PF cadres were doing. Every Jim and Jack in PF would comment on government matters.

  3. Prophet Seer 1, You are not being fair to UPND in particular to Mr.Mweetwa. President Hichilema made those statements on school fees and selling the Jet on a political platform and that is why Mr. Mweetwa made those statements. You heard him saying that he does not want to talk about government policies.


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