The government has shut all Schools, Colleges and Universities in Zambia with effect from Friday 20th March, 2020.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya who announced the decision Tuesday morning said this is a preventive measure against Coronavirus.

Markets and churches will continue operating. There is no reported case of coronavirus so.

It’s possible that this is an attempt by government to divert attention from Bill 10 which is being tabled on parliament today.

Chitalu did not however say if government will provide transport money to students and pupils in boarding schools to return home, since this is a national emergence and most parents were not prepared for this. -ZWD




1. Screening process now mandatory and more rigorous .

2. SI 21 & 22 of 2020 had been signed to facilitate management and control of COVID-19

3. Hygiene must be enhanced in all public transportation systems.

4. All missions Broad will review all Visa issues to travellers from high risk countries including those transiting through those countries.

5. The President has ordered a scale up of cleaning up of cities and public places.

6. All Schools, Universities and Colleges to close on Friday.

7. Pre screening of all passengers boarding flights to Zambia. Wether from High risk countries or not. Done in partnership with the airlines.

8.Buses coming in from outside the country will not dock at intercity but at a designated dry port on Kafue road for the purposes of thorough screening for Covid 19.




Address by Minister of Health Honourable Dr. Chitalu Chilufya on the imminent outbreak for COVID19

Possible outbreak and further preventive measures on COVID19 preparedness.

Zambia has not confirmed any case thus far, the following additional measures have been put in place:

1- Screening process: Zambia Public Health Institute mandatory screening at every point of entry.
Statutory instrument enacted for COVID19 which means it is a notifiable disease and citizens must abide by instructions from authorities.
– 2-14 days quarantine from a high-risk country if symptomatic,
– if symptomatic, a person will be isolated for symptomatic management and treated.
Areas in Lusaka, Petauke, Chinsali, Livingstone, and Copperbelt have been identified.

The MOH has put in place an adequate number of rapid responders.

2- We are emphasizing on the restriction of ALL foreign travel, reschedule all avoidable travel.

3- Hygiene practices to be enhanced, MOH has engaged with airlines and introduced a pre-departure screening.

4- There are two known high impact interventions, hand hygiene, and cleaning of communities to be upscaled. MOH and all line ministries will continue to engage that this is followed through.

5- Religious leaders and other leaders requested to take hid, mandated to facilitate handwashing facilities at places of worship and reduction of hours on the congregation.

6- All schools, colleges, and universities will close this Friday and between now and this Friday we will be disseminating knowledge of how to prevent COVID19. Engaging infection prevention. This just brings forward the recess for these institutions. And we will be giving guidance on reopening.

7- Misinformation will disturb the response. As minister of information, Honourable Dora Siliya has sated, press statements will be distributed through press only. We will be giving regular updates as the epidemic evolves.

For community, if any symptoms. Report to authorities.

Find below contact details for the Zambia National Public Health Institute. In the event an individual presents the Corona Virus Symptoms, the procedure is that you call the numbers listed below and a team will be dispatched to you, this is to avoid spread.

Zambia national public health Institute
Mobile +260 97 4493553
Mobile +260 96 4638726
Mobile +260 95 3898941



  1. This decision seems to be motivated by Fear more than Scientific reasoning! Anyway,
    FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real!
    This school closure means our schools have lost about a month of lessons because unlike what other countries have done, very few schools in Zambia will continue lessons via Virtual Online Platforms, thereby minimizing the effects of the disruptions to the school Calendar! Sad for children in Exam classes! We can only hope ALL gatherings including Church and Market gatherings can also be banned for the same duration as schools! It doesn’t make sense to let Church gatherings to continue! Is it fear of loss of Tithe and Offerings? Are our Churches Capitalist?

  2. Mwine Mushi: But students and pupils live with parents in homes and parents it seems will be allowed to go out to work. And it seems pupils and students will be allowed to go put to church. Damned if Chitalu Chilufya does and damned if he doesn’t. He has a conundrum which medical sch didn’t prepare him for.

  3. Generally, people are cynical about those holding public office and it is upto public office holders to ensure that this cynicism is managed, when you look at the Zambian example such cynicism is justified looking at the levels of corruption that have shamelessly rocked our governance institutions, today the minister has decided to close schools and colleges due to COVID19 but leaving the inlet routes consisting of airports and boarders wide open, the question is why?, When dealing with governments like ours whose record of bad governance is so high, one can not be blamed if he come to the conclusion that some people within government are already seeing this as a money generating venture where they will dash to order COVID19 masks at colossal amounts of money just in order to make a killing if that order has not already gone, I hope this is not what is going to happen.


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