Corruption is big business the world over so Zambians should not waste time complaining about the vice – HRH the Chitimukulu

We write this very carefully and cautiously as we don’t want to be accused of having insulted the Chitimukulu Mwine Lubemba Kanyanta Manga II.

But is there something that late President Micheal Sata knew about his Royal Highness Henry Chandasosala for the former to adamantly block the later from ascending the Bemba main throne until his death?



  1. That is a statement from an unwise Chief. Very shameful indeed. Why should we stop complaining when we all know that corruption is evil? Only an evil man will support an evil act.

  2. Kanabesa, ati nomba elolwanya. Bashilubemba, bushe mulikwisa? Akanwa kamokene kalacita complain about pot holes in Kasama.

  3. The Mwenelubemba is not supporting corruption but he is stating the fact that corruption is all over the world including some of the very advanced economies of this globe. When you look at how Zambian people are free to even insult the head of state you find that Zambia is one of the few African countries that are trying to preserve freedom of expression. This is not to say Zambia is completely free from being blamed in this area but in Zambia we’re free to say anything about anybody irrespective of the status he/she is in the society. You are even telling the chief that he shameless. This alone is freedom of expression. Chiefs are supposed to be given maximum respect but you have the audacity to say Mwenelubemba is shameless. You want the whole Chief in his wisdom to start encouraging chaos in the country? Come on ladies and gentlemen, let’s be serious with issues affecting our society. This is like insulting your own father. In our custom it is a taboo to just argue with your father let alone the paramount Chief.

  4. @Mbala
    This Chitimukulu is coming from a point of corruption. You recall when Sata, right or wrong, cordoned off the Isano, Lungu was telling him everything Sata was doing planning. Lungu was Data’s Minister of a home affairs. So this Chief is just paying Lungu back the favor.

    Here he is trying to defend his friend. Ask him about the pressure Lungu is putting on Mundende to build Chief his palace.

    He is one of the reasons we must not stop talking about corruption.

  5. He is chief of Bembas not so? Is it a surprise that his freedom of expression allows him to talk in support of corruption? Hey people! If it was chief Moonze of Southern Province talking like this, yes, people can be surprised. Not when this kind of talk comes from a chief of Bembas. You know certain inclinations are natural and we can’t run away from it. Just as you might find for example a Tonga freely talking about his many wives and many heads of cattle, you might on the other hand find a Bemba like this chief freely talking and priding himself about his farm the size of a backyard garden and so much of what he owns from the corruption of his subjects!!! Hope you get what I am talking about.

  6. Just to be honest with you my brothers and sisters i’m bamba with Royal lineage
    When you see a person like basosala is displaying disgusting thoughts and behaviours like these then you he is like a naked emperor
    He has sold land in Kasama like a thief that steals for pleasure he has no morals and does not fit to be called Mwine lubemba . Ubufumu nipabantu and when happen to visit Kasama very few people have respect towards him because he is an embarrassment to us Bembas no wonder Mucheleka has no good things to say about him. Each dog has its days
    We will celebrate when he is no longer there


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