Former MUVI television General Manager Costa Mwansa has dumped MUVI television and bought MOBI Television.

Mr. Mwansa is said to have resigned from MUVI TV as general manager after his boss Steve Nyirenda directed the station to do propaganda for the Ruling Patriotic Front.

Mr. Nyirenda sat with kaizer Zulu, Frank Bwalya and Emmanuel mwamba on dates unknown but the period MUVI TV was closed to discuss how they will finish United Party for National Development Party leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Meanwhile Mavuto Phiri who use to be the Managing Editor has refused to be part of the ploy and has since resigned from MUVI Television.

And costa Mwansa says he is very confident that MOBI Television will be a good Zambian Television station where Zambians will enjoy its programming.

He says he has done his part to put MUVI TV where it is today and it was time for him to do something personal for himself as an Entrepreneur.

A number of MUVI TV reporters are likely to leave the Television station after being told to operate like ZNBC.



  1. Congratulations Mwansa I don’t know what made you resign,but you have been my favourite,your courage, boldness,intergrity,princi
    Ples,I admire you,Zambia needs media Freedom fighters like you now.I love you,we need you in this biased Znbc,despensation we need a balanced inform nation news diet.keep it up mwansa

  2. Thats how we go ..we dont have to work for some organizations till death or retirement do us part .
    Working is a foundation to lead ur own life at one stage .
    Goodluck Coster !

  3. If you can’t work on your dream, someone will hire you to work on their dream. Someone hired him, it’s now time for him to work on achieving his dreams. There are loans, donations and help which could have helped him achieve what he’s been wanting to do all his life. He took the job to have more experience, not to retire on that job. Congratulations Costa Mwansa for that courageous action. That’s what separates the successful pipo from the ordinary pipo


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