Chisamba Lungu
Chisamba Lungu


The Kitwe magistrate, yesterday, found Chisamba Lungu with no case to answer.

The Buildcon midfielder was earlier this year charged with threatening violence in Kitwe where he was accused of pointing the gun at Derick Dama but it was discovered that the 2012 Afcon winner did that for the purpose of self-defense and he did not target Dama.

Mr. Dama explained that Chisamba produced a gun but never threatened to shoot him.

According to Mr. Dama, he was chatting with Chisamba at the night club when a mob came towards the player to ask for money but refused to give them after which they started searching him.

It was at that point where he became threatened and produced a gun and the mob ran away but later on came back and surprisingly accused him of trying to shoot Mr. Dama.

The court had no reason to continue with the case after both the complainant and the accused defended each other.


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