Court bailiffs this morning pounced on Konkola Copper Mines Limited at its Nchanga headquarters in Chingola over non-payment of suppliers and contractors.

A leader of the Socialist Party branch within KCM disclosed to the #SP MeDia moments ago that the incident sent shockwaves among the workers.

The eyewitness sources said the bailiffs arrived on the KCM premises around 09:00 hours and got to work.

“There was disbelief amongst employees and they scampered in every direction to hide their vehicles from being grabbed.

However, the court bailiffs were forced to halt their seizure of KCM property they could lay their hands on after a company security officer noticed an anomally on their court warrant.
“One of the security officers noticed that the seizure warrant was a photocopy and not an original,” the sources said. “The court bailiffs went away while promising to come back with the original warrant.”
#SP MeDia


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