Court jails Chadiza man who killed drinking partner for touching his buttock

A 34- year-old man of Chadiza District will spend his next five years in a correctional facility for killing his friend after a drinking spree.

Vincent Banda, the convict, appeared before Lusaka based High court Judge Kazimbe Chenda who is currently sitting in Chipata.

Banda was appearing for murder, an offence that was reduced to manslaughter.

He pleaded guilty to the reduced offence of manslaughter.

Facts before the court were that on April 26 , 2020, the convict caused the death of his beer drinking partner Calfasi Chongo .

It is alleged that on April 26,2020 the two were drinking beer at Kamwala village in Chadiza and after the village ran out of beer, the two decided to move to the next village in search of alcohol.

On the their way to search for beer a fight ensued after Chongo touched the convict behind.

Chongo was kicked in the legs and he fell down hitting his head on the ground.

The convict left his friend unconscious on the road and proceded to search for beer .

The deceased’s body was found lying on the road by some members of the public on April 27,20202.

Banda was later arrested and charged for murder which was later reduced to manslaughter.

In mitigation, defence lawyer Sally Bwalya, who represented the convict, asked the court to exercise leniency when sentencing her client.

Ms Bwalya said her client has learnt a bitter lesson not and will never abuse alcohol in future .

She said her client is ashamed that he left his friend on the ground after an altacation .

Ms Bwalya further asked the court put in consideration the fact that both the convict and the deceased were both intoxicated when the incident happened .

In his judgment, Judge Chenda said he had taken note of what was said in mitigation by the convict through his counsel but that the offence committed by the convict is a serious one .

Mr Justice Chenda said it is important for people to learn on how to be resolving misunderstandings in a nonviolent manner.

He sentenced Banda to 5 years simple imprisonment with effect from the date of his arrest which is April 27,2020.

He advised Banda to appeal to the Supreme Court if he is aggrieved with the conviction and judgment.



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