A THIRTY-year-old man of Kamanga Township in Lusaka has been sentenced to eight months in prison with hard for assaulting his wife after she refused to sleep on the couple’s matrimonial bed.

Lovemore Lungu, a machine operator was yesterday convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

On April 9 this year, Lungu’s wife Stella had gone to the clinic in the morning with a stiff neck and could not sleep on the bed later in the evening as a result.

Upon noticing his wife sleeping on the floor, Lungu demanded to know why and Stella explained that she found the bed uncomfortable because of her stiff neck.

But Lungu instead lifted her to the bed and sparked a physical fight.

In the ensuing fight that had now shifted to the kitchen, Lungu picked a pot and hit his wife in the head causing to her bleed.

Stella sustained a deep cut and reported the matter at Kamanga Police Post.

When the matter came up before Lusaka Magistrate Nthandose Chabala, Stella attempted to withdraw the matter fearing that her children would suffer if her husband went to jail.

But Magistrate Chabala rejected Stella’s plea saying the injuries were serious and proceeded to read the charge for Lungu to which he admitted.

In his mitigation, Lungu asked for the Court’s mercy saying while in detention, his family had been evicted from their rented house because his wife could not manage to pay rentals.

In her judgement, Magistrate Chabala advised the couple to seek counsel from the church to resolve marital disputes instead of reaorting to pyhiscal violence.

Magistrate Chabala also stated that the injuries sustained by the victim were serious and gender based violence was a serious offence.

She told lungu that he deserved a custodial sentence in order to restrain him from pepertrating violence and send a warning to would be offenders.

Magistrate Chabala then sentenced Lungu to eight months imprisonment with hard labour.



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