Court jails Ndola woman who stoned neighbor’s child

THE Ndola Magistrates Court has sentenced Madrine Numwa, an MTN employee of Ndeke Township to five years imprisonment for assaulting a five-year-old boy.

Numwa was arrested last year after the boy’s mother Caroline Mumba, 35 a resident of the same area reported the case to police.

According to Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said on the material day, the boy and his friends were playing outside Numwa’s house while lighting fireworks.

She explained Numwa threw a stone at the children which hit the victim on the forehead and sustained a deep cut.

After months on trial, Namuwa was convicted today and sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour.



  1. This matter could have just probably ended up in a simple punishment of Community service (Sentence).

    Is it the laws that are wrong in this Country or the ones presiding and prosecuting? How can those who have caused damage to the economy through thefts and corruption be allowed to freely roam the streets while a simple matter of irritant goes unfairly punished? If the magistrate knows how fireworks are abused in komboni, and make a nuisance of the community, this lady would be set free.

  2. How do you send a productive person who would have been working and paying tax to prison fo 5 YEARS WITH HARD LABOUR to be fed using other people’s tax.
    We are filling prisons with productive people while pf murderers , thieves and robbers are in the street, in this COVID era for this matter!
    In as much as people must be punished for their crimes, Prison has proved that it does not reform a person.
    Let us see how we can counsel and help these people.


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