THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 19-year-old woman of misisi compound who broke into the house of man she had sex with and got his television set because he did not pay her for the sexual services.

The three months Bupe Kasonde will spend in jail are for escaping from Embassy Police after she was arrested for “stealing” the TV on July 21, 2019.

Kasonde pleaded guilty to the charge before Chief resident Magistrate Mwale had told the court that she escaped from lawful custody owing to the influence of alcohol.

Kasonde said between 12:00 and 13:00 hours she asked constable Malupenga, if she could use the convenience room at cosmopolitan mall and when he allowed her she escaped through the toilet window and stood behind the building.

Magistrate Mwale found kasonde guilty of the offense on escaping from lawful custody upon her own admission of guilt and convicted her.

In her mitigation, Kasonde asked for leniency as she was a double orphan with three siblings.

Kasonde further told the court that she fends for her family by selling tomatoes and if sent to jail her siblings would suffer.

In his judgement Magistrate Mwale sentenced kasonde to three months imprisonment effective the date of arrest and granted her leave to appeal.

Meanwhile the state set August 30, as date for commencement of trial in a matter where the she is accused of house breaking and theft.

It is alleged that on July 20, 2019 Kasonde with intent to steal, broke and entered into the house of William Chirwa and stole a Concord plasma Television set valued at K3, 200.

In her earlier court appearance, Kasonde told the court that she went back Chirwa’s house while he was away and got his TV because he did not pay after having sex with her.


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