THE High Court has ordered the Lusaka City Council to start making monthly deductions of K7,000 from Mayor Miles Sampa’s salary which will be given to his former wife, Mwika Mwenechanya, for child maintenance. The deductions from Mr Sampa’s earnings are for the maintenance of five-year-old Michelle, the daughter of the city father and Ms Mwenechanya.

According to the order, the local authority is supposed to pay K7,000 to Ms Mwenechanya before the sixth day of every month. Ms Mwenechanya had asked the court to order the council, which is Mr Sampa’s employer, to be making payments of K7,000 monthly from her former husband’s earnings for the maintenance of Michelle.

In April this year, the Lusaka High Court ordered Mr Sampa to be paying K7,000 to Ms Mwenechanya for child upkeep But Ms Mwenechanya contended that Mr Sampa allegedly refused to comply with the court order.

She then asked the High Court to order Mr Sampa’s employer to be deducting the monthly maintenance fee from his salary and giving it to Ms Mwenechanya. Her wish was granted in an order dated July 19, 2019 which is signed by the High Court district registrar.

“Miles Bwalya Emmanuel Sampa, of house number 41 Kudu Road, Kabulonga, who works at the Lusaka City Council, is required under a ruling made on April 23, 2019 by the High Court for Zambia to make monthly payments of K7,000 towards the expenses of the child of the family,” the order reads in part. Meanwhile, Ms Mwenechanya also wants Mr Sampa to be cited for contempt of court for alleged failure to comply with the court order regarding child maintenance.

High Court Judge Nicole Sharpe-Phiri set Monday next week as the day for inter-parte hearing of Ms Mwenechanya’s application against Mr Sampa’s alleged breach of the court order.


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