The court of appeal has reserved judgement in a case in which Lusaka Lawyer Keith mweemba and former UPND member of pariament Keith Mukata has appealed against the death sentence slapped on him by Lusaka High Court.

This has been announced after Defence lawyers led by Keith mweemba closed the arguments.

Mr Mukata lawyers submitted that there client was not guilty of murdering Mr kalilakwanda saying he might have been shot by Intruders.

Mr Keith mweemba said the police have a duty to investigate each aspect of a murder Bec. If they do not, the accused may be prejudiced and set free on a date to be announced by the court of appeal.

But the state has argued that Mr Mukata was connected to the shooting of Mr kalilakwanda his security guard and asked the court to dismiss the case and uphold the sentence.

Keith Mukata said once released he will go back to UPND his royal party and serve Hakaide Hichilema. He has since thanked UPND team for sponsoring him with lawyers like Keith mweemba to fight for his freedom.

Let’s pray for our lawyer Keith mweemba to win this case or else he might lose his career like Martha mushipe.



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