Courts can’t supervise Parliament – Matibini

IT IS not the duty of the Constitutional Court to act in a supervisory character over the legislature which has the exclusive cognisance to decide on its affairs, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has said.

Delivering a ruling yesterday on a matter former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili dragged the Speaker to court over his decision to declare the seat vacant, Dr Matibini said he has powers to interpret the Constitution in the execution of his duties as presiding officer of the legislature.

“It is not the duty of the courts of law to act in a supervisory character over the legislature. It is the business of the legislature to make laws and that of courts to administer them”



  1. But when it was your ‘master’s’ impeachment case, it was ok for courts to supervise you? When it suits you, they can supervise, when it does not, it is not their duty? Ala Ba matibini namuipwisha, at one point I personally held you in high esteem, NOT ANYMORE. The one who called you a cadre knew exactly what you have become. What a fall from grace, just for 30 pieces and the belly!

    By the way, I asked my unborn child for the above opinion, that is how much you have squandered your dignity.

  2. My understanding is this gentleman was a judge before he was appointed speaker of the National assembly. The courts are not supervising you but merely performing their duty in terms of settling disputes. It’s only the courts that are mandated to perform that role. The moment Kambwili appealed your decision, your action was Nile and null until disposed of by the courts either way. Not that Kambwili himself holds any substance, but that’s the law. You can’t sit there as a speaker when you don’t understand the law. How did you end up becoming a Judge? This tells me leakages started a long time ago!! It’s time to resign bwana!

  3. Matibini may go down in the history of Zambia as the most spineless and useless Speaker in the history of the country.

  4. I do´nt understand this PF speaker. For the petition he said he can´t proceed because it is in the courts of law. But now he is says he is not supervised by the courts of law for a case that is currently in court. Are we in a man of rule or rule of the law?


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