COVID-19 | Zambians Who Visited Pakistan Responsible For The Surging Cases Of Coronavirus Cases In Zambia.

Zambia, yesterday, recorded six more confirmed cases of Covid-19 bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 28. And in the last 24 hours, Zambia has recorded another case raising the national total to 29.

The Minister of Health stated that three were from those that travelled to Pakistan, while the other three were from among those who have since made contact with those who travelled. The latest case involves another man who had travelled from Pakistan on the 18th of March.

Following these revelations of the majority of the cases being linked to those who had travelled to Pakistan, the Association of the Indian Community in Zambia (AlCZ), yesterday, mandated the Hindu and Muslim communities to immediately implement Covid-19 remedial and precautionary measures!

“You will have just seen the Coronavirus update at 13hrs today by the Hon. Minister of Health, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya. The number of confirmed cases in now 28, and most of those cases arise from those that travelled to Pakistan and upon returning those that came in contact with them,” read the statement in part.

The AlCZ went on to request its members to immediately go into self imposed isolation for at least a period of two weeks; and to close all business houses during the same period.

The AlCZ, however, stated that during this period of self isolation, those running essential services should remain open, namely; pharmacies, millers and food stores, but that they must adhere to strict hygiene standards as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

“For those households that have domestic workers living on site, please ensure that they are adequately briefed on the importance of hygiene and should equally also be self isolated within the confines of the domestic quarters. For those that have domestic help, who come from other areas, please provide them with adequate food rations and money and equally ask them to return home and self isolate themselves in their respective homes,” guided the communique.

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