Currently, we have thirty (30) Cabinet Ministers and ten (10) Provincial Ministers. With the proposed return of Deputy Ministers, the pressure of forty (40) more government workers looms under the Patriotic Front (PF) government when other Civil Servants are only paid after day forty (40) of working contrary to thirty (30) days.

What surprised me more is the fact that Deputy Ministers have been re-introduced when Mayors Elected by the Zambian people were/are on the verge of loosing their positions. Claims are that the works of a Mayor can be done by a Councillor and therefore, no need for Mayors. But even the work of a Deputy Minister can be done by a Cabinet Minister?

Undoubtedly, the Patriotic Front (PF) party hates positions where the masses are mandated to vote for. They claim through their SG that “they will listen to the people” but why then “loosing huge sums of money on the National Dialogue Forum” when the solution can be cultivated freely from the electorates? Why confusing themselves?

The Patriotic Front (PF) party is evidently, creating more jobs for unqualified cadres in the name of “campaigning payback” whilst sidelining the over 76% Zambian people living in abject poverty. Youth unemployment and underemployment keeps skyrocketing when the government promised employment for youths and lower taxes for better business.

More worries hit my round bold-headed head when the constitution, that is supposed to be formed by the poor Zambians, is now being amended by the rich guys to undermine, underrate and pressurize the already poor to be remitting taxes to the already rich. This is “animal farm?” What did the poor do to deserve this hate under the PF regime?

The best would have been allowing the constitution to be inclusive because it boarders around ALL the Zambian people. Why does PF always want to force matters? At first, it was referendum that failed because of not being done rightly; now, they have forced it on the people of Zambia through the National Dialogue Forum (NDF).

Amending the constitution to suit those in power won’t be helpful. Power is time basis and tomorrow, these amending the constitution today will not be available. They will perish because of the harsh situations they are putting Zambians into now. For how long will Zambia claim to be democratic under the PF regime with such dictatorial tendencies?


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